Evil’s Agent

I was at work on September 11 when the towers were hit. Went to pick up my son from school and did not go back to work for two days. It is just what I felt at the moment for the City of New York and the world.

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Charlie burn me and then eat me. Stain my blood let your teeth keep me. Heat can take its time to stick. Oily sickly sticky and much too sweet. Sip water in elation, hard from elevation. Charlie its hot and your burning skin. I cant stop I’m falling in. Will you keep me move inside […]

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Cephalomancy Chilli

Went to bed at 9:00 PM woke up at 3:00 AM. I could just go ahead and get up, do some laundry, cook chilli, argue with Anxiety about writing again. Ugh, Anxiety you are a real piece of shit. You should be thanking me Rach. Look at all you have accomplished and bonus Xanex in […]

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Cold lie

I’ve been sitting in the same place for thirty minutes thinking about how to move. What do I do? Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I worry… About worrying? Ok. My husband did injure himself swinging from a tree. He will require surgery next Wednesday.I only recovered from neck surgery myself seven […]

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Bender, I am afraid. Alone.

Who do you talk to when things are so absurd in your mind that you know whatever comes out of your mouth will likely make you feel even worse? I have been known to mostly hold my breath in along with all of my chaotic emotions until I become sick. Multiple Sclerosis and high anxiety […]

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Math is Hard. How Many Days?

Don’t do this at home. I repeat do not drive and operate said car and said camera at the same time. Unless, there is an unbelievably incredible water painting in the sky! Heaven’s to Betsy…is that how you say it? What do you say exactly as you are driving down the highway right into a […]

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via Daily Prompt: Entertain I am trying to entertain the thought that I won’t erase this blog one thousand times before I have the balls to post this pic of the small sculpture example of me having anxiety. Made the sculpture while I entertained myself to get rid of anxiety. The fact that it sucked […]

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