My name is Rachael. I am coming here to you all from the land of mommyness, middle age, wanting to explore the end of my creative constipation. The urge to write express and share anything and everything of my life and experiences comes from my recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Now, I am not all doom n gloom or anything. I actually have a new-found lease on life. My family has encouraged me to get involved in activities that stimulate my brain so I can continue to do laundry,cook badly for them and hoard the tv remote. I also thought preventing my brain from total derpindepity is a good idea since I have yet to accomplish anything outside of becoming a pretty good daughter, the cool mom with incredible children, a loving wife with an amazing husband, and at one point in time I was in a band, performed on and off exercising a creative release for several years of my life.

It would be nice if I could clean up my messy head. These mental file cabinets are full and dusty. I struggle with anxiety about anxiety and am surprised I have even made it this far into creating a blog. I wish to fine tune my writing and photography skills that have been passions of mine most my life. It has just been such a long break. So many things have happened. I once had dreams,wishes and wants along with lots of creative oozing goodness. What happened? Life. Lots and lots of good life.

Please join me in my putting it all out there – stories about my funny ass dad, our building of the Devil’s Cookbook and my interesting journey through life. I will try to improve my writing and include humor and inspiration.

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