Math is Hard. How Many Days?

Don’t do this at home. I repeat do not drive and operate said car and said camera at the same time. Unless, there is an unbelievably incredible water painting in the sky! Heaven’s to Betsy…is that how you say it? What do you say exactly as you are driving down the highway right into a living painting? I captured this amazing shot on my way to work one morning. Questioning the safety of driving and photo-ing I quickly said “fuck it” and took the picture.

Note: In Odessa (Slowdeatha) you can see similar sunsets on a regular basis especially if you have lived here 15,759 days. Just one of those little “big” things that can easily be overlooked. Life has blessed me in many ways but I’ve missed several of these moments while I was staring them right in the face.

My childhood was much better than I thought it was at the time. When I was only  4,380 days old there were not as many puchable faces in the area. In the 80’s this place was named the murder capital of the world! It was during the oil boom and yes my childhood was awesome! At the young age of 4,380 days you see … life was pretty simple, even with the raging hormones. I had yet to see the world as it is really to be seen. Which is weird… its like we are blind… COMPLETELY blind at certain parts of life. Things were ugly all around me as this town became a cesspool for crime and transients. People were moving in here at a fast pace to get that “black gold…Texas T…oil that is”. This was a seriously rich area and my family was not, but we were happy. Many days before I would meet my nemisis…Anxiety…I was just a kid who played outside and came home before dark. Fucking whaaa..there were people getting the shit murdered out of them and I didn’t know Anxiety or anything about her.

Somewhere around 2,920 days later we met. And there she was in all her glory…the queen of cuntsville. She introduced herself as Crazy. Hi there honey my name is Crazy. Sweet thing… are you seriously thinking about becoming a photographer? YOUHHH really need to consider a different occupation because ya stink. There was no method in dealing with Crazy at that time since our relationship was in stage one…parasite.

How many days? What a lovely fuckin host I must be, because this bitch has been around 8,395 days. Living with her this long and I have learned Crazy I mean Anxiety (I don’t call her what she wants anymore) can be avoided with small insignificant things such as numbers. Even if you do it incorrectly. Math is hard and not exactly fun, but it is a distraction. Cleaning a cat box is not fun either, but is a distraction. You have to learn to enjoy something – in everything you do to battle mental illness. If it means smiling at the relief of the clean cat box because it does not smell like shit anymore or doing random blogs with lots of mathing in them.

I have been doing it wrong all along. One, two, six…there are six turds in that box. Did the cat shit six times or twice at three pieces each?

4 thoughts on “Math is Hard. How Many Days?

  1. I have a dog, not a cat, but I count in my head if Missy ‘goes’ when I’m outside with her. If I don’t count, I might miss a bit, or forget how much I’m supposed to pick up. My memory goes AWOL sometimes, you probably know about that stuff …Cheers, I’m a poet, numbers don’t work at all well for me, unless it’s related to a poem I’m trying to write …


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