That’s seriously the intro to the book!

       This blog page or whatever you call this, is dedicated to my father who planted the idea in my head that somehow this all needed to be put in words and documented. I really have no idea what I am doing here nor do I feel confident enough to write a book. I do however have enough creativity to plagiarize my father’s text messages. Which is what really got this whole mess started.

After sending my dad, yes he is dad now. Fuck being formal and trying to use father like I call him “father” oh fuck that’s not even correct grammar or punctuation. See what I mean by I have no idea what I’m doing here… “Uh hum” AFTER SENDING MY DAD a picture I had taken at work of a grackle eating a cookie and getting the response from him “The devil’s cookie book cover” I thought yes mwahaha the devil’s cook book! What a fantastic idea. We could do a sorta messed up beautifully photographed cook book of all creepy improper recipes. A family table book if you will. Dad texts back. Oh great idea Satin’s secret recipes, satanic sauces. Be el zebub’s bar be que. We should totally make that dad and publish it. We continue to exchange crazy recipes ideas such as exorcist eggs and Pazuzu pancakes which was my husbands input. You see I was reading dad’s text to him and sitting on the pot. Dad’s texts are regularly spoken out loud because they are so funny. Pretty much everyone knows he has a sense of humor we all just contribute. Dad’s response to hubby’s possessed eggs – what’s apazu zu and don’t tell me its a zoo full of pazus? Still a good idea dad texts. I bizarre books by us. Spread fuckery through bakery, the mark of the yeast. We could be succesful. I could put the suck in successful.

   The conversation had to be moved to an actual phone call at this point. Jokingly we discussed our cookbook which was mostly just full of hilarious antidotes and not much in the way of actual cooking. Still, the idea was planted, I mean made with care and placed in the brain box oven.

I just can’t seem to get these ideas out of my head and they aren’t even mine! What the hell am I even doing here. See I am just a crazy person with an even crazier father…dad…what? If you continue to read my blogs you will learn that I really don’t know what I am doing here and you will continue to read them or not.

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